Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NFitProvides commonly used data fitting functionality
 NLogicalEntityMeanSquareDisplacementAnalysis functionality for data on mean square displacement, as produced by OpenMPCD::CUDA::MPCFluid::Instrumentation::LogicalEntityMeanSquareDisplacement
 NNormalModeAutocorrelationAnalysis functionality for data on normal mode autocorrelations, as produced by OpenMPCD::CUDA::MPCFluid::Instrumentation::NormalModeAutocorrelation
 NOnTheFlyStatisticsDDDADefines the OnTheFlyStatisticsDDDA class
 NVelocityAutocorrelationAnalysis functionality for data on (center-of-mass) velocity autocorrelation, as produced by OpenMPCD::CUDA::MPCFluid::Instrumentation::VelocityAutocorrelation
 NCUDANamespace for simulations using CUDA
 NBoundaryConditionNamespace for boundary conditions
 NDeviceCodeContains CUDA Device code
 NNormalModeNamespace for CUDA Device functionality related to normal modes
 NMPCFluidNamespace for MPC Fluid classes
 NDeviceCodeContains CUDA Device code
 NInstrumentationNamespace for instrumentation classes for MPC fluids
 NFourierTransformedVelocityNamespace for classes that measure the Fourier-transformed velocities in MPC fluids
 NVelocityAutocorrelationNamespace for classes that measure the velocity autocorrelation in MPC fluids
 NMPCSoluteNamespace for MPC Solute classes
 NDeviceCodeContains CUDA Device code
 NImplementationDetailsContains implementation details used in OpenMPCD::CUDA::MPCSolute
 NMagneticColloidsContains implementation details used in OpenMPCD::CUDA::MPCSolute::MagneticColloids
 NStarPolymersContains implementation details used in OpenMPCD::CUDA::MPCSolute::StarPolymers
 NInstrumentationNamespace for instrumentation classes for MPC solutes
 NNormalModeNamespace for Host-callable CUDA functionality related to normal modes
 NRandomContains functionality related to random numbers
 NDistributionsDistributions for the generation of random numbers
 NGeneratorsContains (pseudo-)random number generators
 NImplementation_Vector2DNamespace for implementation details for Vector2D
 NImplementation_Vector3DNamespace for implementation details for Vector3D
 NImplementationDetailsNamespace for implementation details that do not have to concern the users of the main functionality
 NConfigurationNamespace for implementation details of OpenMPCD::Configuration
 NNormalModeNamespace for functionality related to normal modes
 NPairPotentialsNamespace hosting various pair potentials, i.e
 NProfilingNamespace for profiling of the application
 NScalarHolds helper functions for scalar types
 NUtilityHolds utility functionality
 NHostInformationProvides functions that give information about the host the program is being executed on
 NMathematicalConstantsHolds mathematical constants
 NMathematicalFunctionsDefines common mathematical functions