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OpenMPCD::CUDA::MPCFluid::Factory Class Reference

Class used to construct MPC fluid instances. More...

#include <Factory.hpp>

Static Public Member Functions

static MPCFluid::BasegetInstance (CUDA::Simulation *const sim, const Configuration &config, const unsigned int count, RNG &rng)
 Returns a newly constructed MPC fluid. More...

Detailed Description

Class used to construct MPC fluid instances.

Definition at line 22 of file MPCFluid/Factory.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

MPCFluid::Base * MPCFluid::Factory::getInstance ( CUDA::Simulation *const  sim,
const Configuration config,
const unsigned int  count,
RNG rng 

Returns a newly constructed MPC fluid.

The caller is responsible for deleting the pointer. If no MPC fluid has been configured, or more precisely, if the configuration key mpc.fluid is not set, returns nullptr.

OpenMPCD::InvalidConfigurationExceptionThrows if an unknown key is set in mpc.fluid.
[in]simThe simulation instance.
[in]configThe simulation configuration.
[in]countThe number of fluid particles.
[in]rngA random number generator.

Definition at line 13 of file MPCFluid/Factory.cpp.

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