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 NFitProvides commonly used data fitting functionality
 NLogicalEntityMeanSquareDisplacementAnalysis functionality for data on mean square displacement, as produced by OpenMPCD::CUDA::MPCFluid::Instrumentation::LogicalEntityMeanSquareDisplacement
 NNormalModeAutocorrelationAnalysis functionality for data on normal mode autocorrelations, as produced by OpenMPCD::CUDA::MPCFluid::Instrumentation::NormalModeAutocorrelation
 NOnTheFlyStatisticsDDDADefines the OnTheFlyStatisticsDDDA class
 NVelocityAutocorrelationAnalysis functionality for data on (center-of-mass) velocity autocorrelation, as produced by OpenMPCD::CUDA::MPCFluid::Instrumentation::VelocityAutocorrelation
 NCUDANamespace for simulations using CUDA
 NImplementation_Vector2DNamespace for implementation details for Vector2D
 NImplementation_Vector3DNamespace for implementation details for Vector3D
 NImplementationDetailsNamespace for implementation details that do not have to concern the users of the main functionality
 NPairPotentialsNamespace hosting various pair potentials, i.e
 NProfilingNamespace for profiling of the application
 NUtilityHolds utility functionality
 CAnalyticQuantitiesComputes analytic quantities
 CAnalyticQuantitiesGaussianDumbbellComputes analytic quantities for Gaussian Dumbbells
 CAssertionExceptionRepresents an exception that is due to an assertion violation
 CConfigurationRepresents the configuration of the simulation
 CDensityProfileRepresents a density profile
 CDivisionByZeroExceptionDivision by zero
 CExceptionThe base exception class for OpenMPCD
 CFilesystemUtilitiesProvides utility functions for filesystem access
 CFlowProfileRepresents a flow profile
 CGraphRepresents a 2D graph
 CGraph4DRepresents a 4D graph
 CHistogramRepresents a histogram
 CInvalidArgumentExceptionInvalid argument exception
 CInvalidCallExceptionException for a forbidden function call
 CInvalidConfigurationExceptionRepresents an invalid configuration
 CIOExceptionError on IO
 CMalformedFileExceptionRepresents an exception that signals a malformed file
 CMaxwellBoltzmannDistributionRepresents a Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution
 CMemoryManagementExceptionException for errors in memory management
 CMPIWraps MPI functionality
 CNULLPointerExceptionNULL-pointer exception
 COnTheFlyStatisticsComputes sample means and variances "on-the-fly" or "online", i.e
 COnTheFlyStatisticsDDDAComputes sample means and their errors for (possibly) serially correlated data
 COutOfBoundsExceptionException for out-of-bounds access
 CRemotelyStoredVectorRepresents a vector whose data is stored elsewhere
 CSnapshotFileBase class for files that contain one or more simulation snapshots
 CStridedPointerIteratorWraps a pointer in such a way that incrementing this iterator is equivalent to incrementing the underlying pointer once or more times, depending on the stride specified
 CStridedPointerIteratorRangeRepresents a range of pointers that can be iterated over
 CSystemInformationProvides information about the system the program is executing on
 CTypeTraitsContains information on certain types
 CTypeTraits< double >Specialization of OpenMPCD::TypeTraits for double
 CTypeTraits< float >Specialization of OpenMPCD::TypeTraits for float
 CTypeTraits< long double >Specialization of OpenMPCD::TypeTraits for long double
 CTypeTraits< std::complex< double > >Specialization of OpenMPCD::TypeTraits for std::complex<double>
 CTypeTraits< std::complex< float > >Specialization of OpenMPCD::TypeTraits for std::complex<float>
 CTypeTraits< std::complex< long double > >Specialization of OpenMPCD::TypeTraits for std::complex<long double>
 CUnimplementedExceptionException for unimplemented functionality
 CVector2D2-dimensional vector
 CVector3D3-dimensional vector
 CVTFSnapshotFileRepresentation of a simulation snapshot file in the VTF format
 Citerator_traits< OpenMPCD::StridedPointerIterator< Pointee, stride > >Specialisation of the std::iterator_traits template for StridedPointerIterator